Spices, Pulses, Turkish Sweets, Coffee and Tea Packaging

We provide various options for packaging dry food items like spices, legumes, Turkish desserts, tea, and coffee. These options include plastic/aluminum laminated structures tailored to your requirements. We ensure stability in terms of size and thickness, robust lamination strength, food safety with appropriate transparent material combinations, a guarantee of freshness for your products, and suitability for high-speed machines. You can count on fast packaging for both horizontal and vertical filling, and we offer anti-static packs or rolls in your desired quantity, delivering excellent transparency in the final product.

Standing Bag/Doypack

Doypack bags are designed to stand on shelves independently without requiring additional support. The gusset at the bag's bottom enables the package to expand and offers the necessary support for the package to remain upright on the shelf. These bags are available in both individual bag and roll formats.

Pillow Type Bag

Pillow-type packages feature seals on the top, bottom, and rear and are typically showcased horizontally on store shelves. They come in both bag and roll formats. The choice of film determines whether the seal on the back is configured as A+A or A+B, catering to gas and light permeability requirements. They are supplied in both individual bags and rolls.

Quadro and Side Gusset Bag

Bags of this kind come with dual side gussets. These side gussets, in conjunction with the flat bottom of the bag, facilitate vertical presentation on store shelves. As the bags are filled, the gussets have the capability to expand, providing additional storage capacity. They are available in both individual bags and roll formats.