Bread Packaging

The bakery industry is provided with a wide range of materials, including multi-layer films and printed foils.

Pillow Type Bag

Pillow-type packages feature seals at the top, bottom, and back and are showcased horizontally on the shelf. They are manufactured as both bags and rolls. The type of film used determines whether the back seal is adhered as A+A or A+B, ensuring compatibility with gas and light permeability. They are provided in both bag and roll formats.

Strapped or Strapless Bag

This bag shape is typically employed for packaging daily items such as ready-made yufka, lavash, breadcrumbs, and cookies. Historically, these bags were referred to as pastry or candy bags.

Three-Side Sealed Bag

This packaging type is commonly used for products like lavash, flatbread, and yufka, and it is supplied to customers in the form of rolls or pre-cut bags for automatic machines.

Doypack Bag

This packaging style is typically employed for lavash, flatbread, yufka (both triangular, square, and rectangular), and it's provided to customers as either rolls or pre-cut bags suitable for their automatic machinery.