Powder Food Packaging (Soup/Powder Beverage/Cake Mix/Pasta Mix)

We offer various choices in plastic/metpet and aluminum laminated structures to cater to your specific requirements. These options ensure stability in terms of size and thickness, a robust lamination strength, food safety by utilizing suitable transparent material combinations, a guarantee of product freshness, compatibility with high-speed machines, rapid packaging for both horizontal and vertical filling, and anti-static solutions available in your preferred quantity, all while maintaining an excellent transparent appearance.


Pillow Type Bag

Pillow-type packages are equipped with seals at the top, bottom, and back, allowing them to be presented horizontally on store shelves. These packages are manufactured in both bag and roll formats. The choice of film determines whether the back seal is configured as A+A or A+B, ensuring compatibility with gas and light permeability requirements. These packages are supplied in both bag and roll forms.

Standing Bag/Doypack

Doypack bags are a type of packaging that can remain upright on store shelves without requiring external support. The gusset at the bottom of the bag permits the package to expand and offers the necessary stability for the package to stand vertically on the shelf. These bags are available in both bag and roll formats.

Quadro and Side Gusset Bag

These bags are equipped with two side gussets. The side gussets, in combination with the flat base of the bag, enable vertical shelf display. When the bags are filled, the gussets provide the flexibility to expand, offering additional storage capacity. They are provided in both bag and roll formats.

Three Edge Weld Bag

It is a favored packaging style for items like soups, powdered beverages, cake mixes, particularly when presented in a box-like flexible packaging. These are supplied to customers in the form of rolls or pre-cut bags for use in their automated machinery.