Cracker, Biscuit, and Waffle Packaging

Cracker, biscuit, and wafer packages, which are consumed as a snack, especially by children, babies, and adults, along with a favorite beverage, are in high demand due to their easy accessibility in today's circumstances.

Pillow Type Bag

Pillow-type packages feature seals at the top, bottom, and rear, and they are horizontally displayed on store shelves. These packages come in both bag and roll forms. The type of film used determines whether the rear seal is A+A or A+B, ensuring compatibility with gas and light permeability requirements. These packages are supplied in both bag and roll formats.

Quadro and Side Gusset Bag

Bags of this type are equipped with dual side gussets. These side gussets, along with the flat bottom of the bag, facilitate vertical shelf display. The gussets expand when the bags are filled, providing additional capacity. They are available in both bag and roll formats.

Stand-Up Pouch/Doypack

Doypack bags are a type of bags capable of standing independently on shelves without requiring external support. The gusset located at the bottom of the bag enables the package to expand, offering the necessary support for the bag to maintain an upright position on the shelf. They are manufactured in both bag and roll formats.