Cleaning Products, Detergents and Wet Wipes Packaging

It offers laminated films for high-quality products like powder detergents, cleaning agents, and wet wipes commonly used in household cleaning.

Hanging Stand Packaging

Hanging display packages are manufactured with hangers, without hangers, and with a locking mechanism, sealed on three sides. After the product is inserted, the open end is sealed by welding. The wide welds help maintain the shape of the packaging.

Standing Bag/Doypack

Doypack bags are pouches that can stand on shelves independently, thanks to the gusset at the bottom of the bag, which allows for expansion and provides the necessary support for the package to remain upright on the shelf. These bags are available in both pre-made bags and rolls.

Pillow Type Bag

Pillow-type packaging features seals on the top, bottom, and back, and it's typically displayed horizontally on store shelves. These packages come in both bag and roll formats. The choice of film type determines whether the back seal is A+A or A+B, depending on the desired gas and light permeability. These packages are provided in both bag and roll forms.

Three Edge Weld Bag

This packaging format is commonly employed for hygiene and cleaning products and is supplied to customers in either roll or pre-cut bag configurations for their automatic machines.