Pulses and Pasta Packaging

We offer various options in plastic/aluminum and metpet laminated structures to meet specific requirements. Our products ensure stability in terms of size and thickness, with strong lamination strength. They provide food safety with transparent materials suitable for the product, guaranteeing product freshness. Our packaging is suitable for high-speed machines, facilitating quick packaging for both horizontal and vertical filling. We also offer anti-static packs or rolls in the desired quantities, delivering excellent transparency.

Pillow Type Bag

Pillow-type packaging features seals at the top, bottom, and back and is designed to be placed horizontally on store shelves. These packages are available in both bag and roll formats. The type of film used determines whether the back seal is composed of an A+A or A+B configuration, designed to offer the appropriate gas and light permeability. Delivery options include both bags and rolls.

Quadro and Side Gusset Bag

These bags have side gussets on both sides and a flat bottom, enabling vertical shelf display. When the bags are filled, the gussets can expand, providing additional capacity. They are available for delivery in both bag and roll formats.23

Standing Bag/Doypack

Doypack bags are self-standing bags that don't require additional support on shelves. The gusset at the bag's bottom allows for expansion and offers the necessary support for the bag to remain upright on the shelf. They are manufactured in both bag and roll formats.