Frozen Vegetable, Fruit and Ice Cream Packaging

We distribute single layer films for frozen foods and ice creams as well as printed products in high quality printed and laminated film structures.

Pillow Type Bag

Pillow-type packages feature seals on the top, bottom, and back, and they are typically showcased horizontally on store shelves. These packages are available in both bag and roll formats. Depending on the film type employed, the back seal can be either A+A or A+B, providing gas and light permeability. Delivery is offered in both bags and rolls.

Three Edge Weld Bag

This packaging style is commonly chosen for products like soups, powdered beverages, and cake mixes, particularly when they are packaged alongside a box on flexible packaging. We supply these packages to our customers in the form of rolls or pre-cut bags for use with their automatic machines.

Top Foils

Thermoforming is typically employed for packaging products like meat (semi-processed/processed), milk (processed/semi-processed), and fresh and dried fruits (processed/semi-processed) in which gas or oxygen capsules are thermoformed. This packaging method is available in roll form.